Kahal means gathering of God’s people. God is in the centre of our lives. We are eager to glorify Him through our lifestyle. All we do, ultimately leads to better and deeper recognition of Him.


KAHAL association undertakes activities that focus on serving the family, evangelisation and building of Christian unity. Rev. Dean Janusz Badura, St. Herbert’s Parish Priest in Wodzisław Śląski, is our spiritual guardian. Modern culture challenges the family on many grounds and the dynamics of changes taking place in societies urge us to look for new forms of support in building bonds between people. In our engagement to find paths of unity we are open to liaise with everyone who draws inspiration for their activities from the rich Judeo-Christian resources of our culture. Therefore we chose a Hebrew term ‘KAHAL’ (קהל) meaning ‘gathering of people sharing the same aim’ as the name of our association. We believe that the very name ‘KAHAL’, together with the context of it’s meaning, lead us to ongoing uncovering of the sources of our identity.


Kahal is a place, where everyone can experience the healing love of Jesus.


Our goal is to awake passion for Jesus in people and raising future generations of people who are in love with the Gospel. We want to get to every corner of the world and proclaim God’s love. Kahal dedicates their efforts in the service for the unity of Christians as well as increasing the number of evangelizers dedicated to Church.


We are a group of friends. We have our families, places where we learn and work. Everyday life definitely anchors us in communities which we are co-makers of. We are all Catholics and each of us in various circumstances, entrusted his or her life to God.

Witold Kacała
the leader
tel. (+48) 604 593 049

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