“Heal the sick!”

(Matt 10, 8)

Prayer for healing

‘Heal the sick !’ (Matt 10,8) The Church has received this charge from the Lord and strives to carry it out by taking care of the sick as well as by accompanying them with her prayer of intercession. She believes in the life-giving presence of Christ, the physician of souls and bodies. This presence is particularly active through the sacraments, and in an altogether special way through the Eucharist, the bread that gives eternal life and that St. Paul suggests is connected with bodily health’. CCC1509

Prayer for healing is a charism, which is once more rediscovered is today’s Church. We discover that each and everyone of us is called to pray for other people’s healing.

We pray for physical healing as well as inner healing, healing of our emotions, feelings, relations, wounds and all that is hidden deep in us.

We also learn how to change our mentality in this matter, that is, to understand that we should be the signs of God’s presence for others as people striding triumphantly and overcoming any disease in the name of Jesus. We discover what it really means to have God as our father, or Daddy, who is well-disposed and loves us boundlessly.

What does it mean to be called to King’s inheritance? What does it mean to be King’s children? This inheritance entitles us to overcome any illnesses because God is good and merciful. He is the doctor and heals when we pray for it with humility and in authority of God’s children.


Agnieszka Florek

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